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    Solante Atopica Sun Care Lotion Spf 50+ 150ml

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    While this special sunscreen provides a high level of sunscreen effect to prevent the harmful rays of the sun, thanks to its rich content with emollients and its special appearance, it helps to moisturize, soothe and protect extremely dry and sensitive skin, and strengthen the barrier function.

    Oil-free, non-comedogenic hpoallergenic paraben-free sensory-proof formula

    Multiple benefits in one product;
    Very high UVA/UVB Protection
    With its modern and stable filters, it protects the skin very strongly from the harmful rays of the sun.

    Special skin protection
    This advanced formulation helps prevent permanent damage to the skin caused by sun rays, thanks to its special content as well as powerful sunscreen filters.

    Special Antioxidant Content
    Solante products are rich in antioxidants. Thanks to this feature, it helps maintain skin health.

    High moisturizing
    It moisturizes the skin at a high level, helps to meet the daily moisturizing needs. Soothes and nourishes the skin. It gives freshness, vitality and silky softness.

    Special for skin exposed to the sun for a long time
    Enriched with vitamins, primary and skendor antioxidants, this specific sunscreen has been specially developed for people with very sensitive skin who must be protected from the sun. While it offers a high level of sunscreen effect to prevent harmful sun rays, it helps to prevent permanent damage to the skin caused by sun rays thanks to its special content.

    Effect on Uneven Skin Spotting
    This advanced special formulation helps to prevent the formation of irregular pigmentation on the skin as well as its strong sunscreen effect. Thus, it supports the formation of a homogeneous skin appearance.

    Skin type:

    All skin types including sensitive skin

    Usage :
    Apply to your skin 15 minutes before going out. Repeat after activities such as swimming and drying.

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