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    Rhedol Vitality Body Pain Relieving Oil, Natural Painkiller Spray, Joint Pain Spray, Muscle Pain Relieving Spray, 100 mL, 3.3 Oz (3 pack)

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    After a tough workout or a long day hunched over a desk, your muscles scream for relief. Enter this trio of natural wonderworkers, ready to ease your aches and rejuvenate your body. Infused with arnica, turmeric and peppermint essential oils, this pain relieving spray is like a spa treatment in a bottle. Simply spritz it on sore spots and feel the cooling sensation sink in, your pain melting away with each mist. Before you know it, you’ll be moving with the vigor of someone half your age. Best of all, its organic ingredients are safe for the whole family. So next time your little athletes come off the field rubbing their knees, give them a quick spray and send them back out to play. With this dynamic pain relieving trio on hand, discomfort doesn’t stand a chance. Life’s too short to let a few sore muscles slow you down.

    • Moisturizes the Skin
    • Gives a Nice and Pleasant Smell
    • Provides Refreshment
    • All-Natural, Drug-Free Formula
    • Suitable for All Skin and Body Type

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