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    Enterogermina Adult Probiotic Liquid 4 Billion CFU/5mL 20Vials

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    Elevate Your Gut Health with Enterogermina Adult Probiotic Liquid

    Looking for an effective probiotic to harmonize your gut health? Enterogermina Adult Probiotic Liquid is the ultimate solution, containing 4 billion CFU (colony forming units) per 5mL. Specifically designed for adults, this probiotic is easy to mix, suitable for daily consumption, and conveniently packaged in 20 vials.

    The Power of Bacillus Clausii Spores

    The spores of Bacillus clausii within Enterogermina Adult Probiotic Liquid have a remarkable ability to navigate through the acidic gastric barrier, reaching the intestinal tract unscathed. Once there, they transform into metabolically active cells, capable of multiplication and activities that restore the correct intestinal flora. The formulation of Enterogermina 4 billion is tailored for effective administration to ADULTS.

    Elevate your daily wellness routine with Enterogermina Adult Probiotic Liquid, providing a quick and easy way to restore the balance of your gut health. Experience the benefits of 4 billion CFU per 5mL in convenient 20 vials.

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