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    Volcanic Mud by Bubbly Charcoal Body Wash, Volcanic Mud Body Wash, Lightening and Dark Spot Corrector, 3.38 Fl Oz

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    • Volcanic Mud, a discoloration correcting body treatment gel, helps you improve the appearance.
    • As a dark armpit remover, it does a great job for underarm.
    • You should apply it by massaging your body during the shower, wait for ten minutes and rinse.It does not harm your skin.
    • It helps to remove the dirt, excess oil and dead skin accumulated on the skin by absorbing it. By making a detox effect, it gives the skin a cleaner, brighter and smoother appearance.
    • Volcanic mud, skin and body care product that you can use with peace of mind is formulated for all skin types. Helps soften skin and repair damage for all skin types, tones, textures and areas.

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