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    Vichy Dercos Energising Stimulating Shampoo 390ml

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    Vichy Dercos Energising Stimulating Shampoo is an energizing shampoo that reinforces and protects both hair and scalp helping the hair regain its density, strength, and vitality. With Aminexil and Vitamin B6, it is able to not only enhance hair development but also reinforce hair anchorage. And, with Niacinamide and Panthenol, it is able to hydrate and soothe both hair and scalp, not only protecting but also making the hair softer, more elastic, and easier to comb. With a unique formula, suitable for frequent use it is, in essence, able to strengthen the hair, making it more resistant to breakage, and also nourish it from root to tip. Suitable for frequent use, it is a great choice to complement hair loss treatments and leave the hair feeling nourished and revitalized.
    • Texture: gel-cream;
    • Hair issues: hair loss, thinning hair;
    • Time of application: during bath or shower, as often as necessary;
    • Age: 20+;
    • Hair type: all hair types;
    • Main benefits: reinforces and protects both hair and scalp which reduces hair loss, leaves the hair feeling nourished and revitalized, is suitable for sensitive scalps, is suitable for frequent use;
    • Formulated without: parabens, silicones.
    Main Ingredients 
    • Aminexil reinforces hair anchorage. It boosts the hair cohesion with the scalp not only preventing the hair from falling but also prolonging its life span;
    • Panthenol, a precursor to Vitamin B5, makes your hair softer, more elastic and also easier to comb;
    • Niacinamide and Vichy Mineralizing Water help both hydrate and soothe, rebalancing the scalp. They enhance the natural defenses and help protect against external aggressions;
    • Vitamin B6 enhances hair development.
    How to use
    Apply Vichy Dercos Energising Stimulating Shampoo to wet hair and scalp and gently massage to lather. Leave on for two to three minutes to let it act. Then thoroughly rinse. It is suitable for frequent use.

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