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    Urban Care Expert Hair Tonic Biotin&Caffeine 200 ml with Pink Scalp Massager Hair Brush

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    Anti-Hair Loss and Healthy Growth Hair Tonic containing Biotin and Caffeine is suitable for all hair types that are prone to hair loss, weak, weak, have an unhealthy appearance and need deep cleansing at the bottom of the hair. It helps to reduce shedding. It helps hair to grow healthy. Thanks to the menthol content, it deeply refreshes the hair bottoms.

    It does not contain parabens and silicone. It has a vegan content. No animal ingredients were used.


    BIOTIN: Improves hair quality, supports healthy hair growth. It increases the resistance of the hair to natural effects such as sunlight, dust, dirt and damage caused by procedures such as dye blow-dry.

    CAFFEINE: Nourishes the hair and ensures healthy hair growth. It allows the hair to be nourished faster and gain vitality.

    MENTHOL: Helps to promote healthy hair growth. It supports the hair to look brighter. It makes the hair look healthier and brighter.

    Care Suggestion: Apply to wet or damp hair bottoms. By massaging the bottoms of the hair, ensure that the product spreads and becomes active. Apply it every day, 1-2 times a day. Do not rinse.


    This scalp massager is designed to speed up the hair extension process.
    At the same time, it cleans the hair by penetrating to the bottom of the hair and helps to balance the oil on the scalp.
    Thanks to these properties, longer-term cleaning and care of the hair is provided.

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