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    Topicrem Atopic Skin AD Emollient Balm 500ml

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    Dry, irritated skin—meet your new best friend. This rich, creamy balm is like a hug for your skin, soothing and calming on contact. Formulated for even the most sensitive types, its fragrance-free formula won’t trigger allergies or irritations but will banish dryness in a flash. Packed with skin-loving oils like sweet almond and apricot kernel, a dollop of this velvety balm transforms rough, flaky skin into a soft, smooth paradise. Rough elbows, patchy eczema, chapped hands—this miracle worker has you covered from head to toe, keeping irritation at bay for up to 24 hours. Sensitive skin, rejoice—relief has arrived, and its name is Topicrem. Slather it on and say goodbye to discomfort for good. Your skin’s new happy place awaits.

    Item Form Balm
    Unit Count 1.00 Count
    Number of Items 1
    Use for Whole Body

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