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    Thealoz Duo Augentropfen, 10 ml (20pack)

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    **20 pack 10ml thealoz duo**
    Beautycarebag brings you Thealoz Duo Augentropfen, the perfect solution for dry eyes. This 10-ml solution provides instant relief from redness and irritation for long-lasting hydration. It's a medical-grade product with a specifically designed formula for sensitive eyes, and it is free from preservatives. And with only one drop you’re guaranteed to get maximum moisture. Get your Thealoz Duo Augentropfen today and feel the difference!

    • Thealoz Duo, a preservative free dry eye drop, which uses two active ingredients to offer better lubrication and longer relief from symptoms.
    • The two agents which combine to provide the benefits for Thealoz Duo are Trehalose (3%) and Hyaluronic acid (0.15%).
    • Thealoz Duo is ideal for dry eye from a range of causes such as air conditioning, dry environments, working with computers, hormonal Dry Eye and wearing contact lenses.

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