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    The 19'' Magic Star Backgammon Turkish Premium Board Game Set

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    Get ready to master the art of strategic board gaming with this 19" Magic Star Backgammon Board Game Set. Not only is backgammon an amazing test of strategy and skill, but this board game is also a beautiful piece of art. The vibrant colors and intricate craftsmanship make it an eye-catching design everyone will marvel at. This set comes with everything required to get a game going, providing endless fun for you and your company. Ready for a night (or two) of dice rolling and decision making? Get ready to challenge yourself with the Magic Star Backgammon Board Game Set.

    • Premium Wooden Polished Backgammon highest quality Backgammon boards!!
    • Size: 19.2" x 24" / 48cm x 60cm (when open)
    • Wood with a paper decoupage image
    • Made of wood with Mosaic impressive pattern prints
    • Made of wood with impressive pattern paintings. Pattern paintings are not mother of pearl inlaid, it is letter quality printing.

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