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    Tala Ant Egg Oil (20 Ml) with 3 Eyebrow Razors Touch-Up Dermaplaning Tool

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    • Tala Ant Egg Oil Absolute and permanent solution to unwanted hairs by Tala Ant Egg Oil
    • One bottle of ant oil is enough to solve your complete facial hair problems
    • It contains 100% natural ant oil
    • Triple Face Razor And Eyebrow Razor Women's Razor Hair Removal Wenolg eyebrow razor is very easy to use. Due to its ergonomic structure, it minimizes negative situations such as cutting and irritation on your skin. It saves you from unwanted hair in your eyebrow area in seconds. It will be enough to drive the razor part towards the exit side of the itching. Feeding your eyebrows with care oils before and after use will help you make your eyebrows look brighter.
    • Eyebrow Razor, Face Razor, Face Shaver

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