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    Supradyn All Day Multivitamin-Mineral 30 Pills

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    • What is Supradyn Energy? Supradyn Energy is a new generation multivitamin. Thanks to the full range of vitamins and minerals Supradin All Day provides the body with additional energy that it needs.
    • The main advantage of Supradyn All Day is the availability of the active ingredient coenzyme Q 10, which contributes to the release of energy in the body. Micronutrients in Supradyn All Day balanced in the - appropriate doses and proportions according to the values of the recommended daily allowance (RDA).
    • Daily intake of Supradyn All Day supports the process of transforming nutrients into energy needed by the body throughout the day.
    • Supradin All Day is designed specifically for people who lead a dynamic and busy life. This multivitamin is recommended for athletes, as they spend more energy and lose - large amounts of vitamins and minerals in sweat.
    • In such cases, it is appropriate to increase the intake of vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal physical condition. Supradyn All Day helps to keep your energy throughout the day - from morning to night.

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