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    Splat Professional Series Multiple Action Toothpaste With Bioactive Calcium Enamel Restoration Tooth Sensitivity Reduction

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    • Multiple action toothpaste with bioactive calcium is intended for enamel restoration and tooth sensitivity reduction. The high content of these ingredients makes it possible to strengthen and remineralise dental enamel and reduce hypersensitivity.
    • Natural papaya enzyme prevents plaque development. The Sp.White System gently whitens and polishes enamel to a brilliant shine. Biocalcium is a multiple-action toothpaste with bioactive calcium obtained from eggshell and hydroxyapatite, an essential component in the composition of dental enamel.
    • The essential natural elements of dental enamel are calcium (33-39 procent) and phosphates (16-18 procent). The saturation of enamel with these ingredients determines its integrity and resistance to acids that cause tooth decay.
    • The same elements are contained in crystals of hydroxyapatite. Calcium deficiency in the body and carbohydrate-rich diet results in the weakening of solid tooth tissues. Enamel loses calcium at initial stages of demineralization, when a white carious spot with decreased enamel density develops on the tooth surface. This process is reversible, and our body is capable of healing such lesions if proper oral care is maintained.

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