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    SoapCover, Gray Hair Coverage Soap, Hair Darkening Compressed 5.1 Oz (Pack of 3)

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    This color-correcting cleanser provides covert ops for your strands, taking your hair from salt-and-pepper to pitch black in a single sudsing. Its deep-cleansing formula whisks away grays while depositing rich, radiant color with every wash. Never again choose between hygiene and hair hue—this multi-tasking bar banishes both dirt and drabness. Three odorless, mess-free bars give you full-spectrum coverage that lasts for weeks. Your hair’s true color may be a mystery, but with this ingenious incognito cleanser, your roots will never know the difference. Lather, rinse, repeat—and relish your newfound anonymity.

    • Targets Only the Gray Hair, All-natural, Dye-free Formula
    • Blocks Gray Hair Formation by Regular Use
    • Good for All Hair Types and Hair Color
    • Can be Used on Hair, Beard and Eyebrows
    • Removes Gray Hair Without Causing Irritation

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