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    SoapCover, Gray Hair Coverage, Hair Darkening Compressed Soap Bar (Pack of 6)

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    Don’t let gray hairs take away from your natural beauty. SoapCover from beautycarebag is here to the rescue! This pack of 6 compressed soap bars will help to restore and darken your hair, making you look and feel more vibrant. SoapCover’s unique, enriched formula will instantly restore the natural dark shade of your hair and deliver superior coverage, leaving you with healthy-looking and youthful locks. Try SoapCover today and see the difference!

    • Targets Only the Gray Hair, All-natural, Dye-free Formula
    • Blocks Gray Hair Formation by Regular Use
    • Good for All Hair Types and Hair Color
    • Can be Used on Hair, Beard and Eyebrows
    • Removes Gray Hair Without Causing Irritation

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