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    Prospan Cough Syrup - 100ml CHESTY Cough Relief & Mucus Relief

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    About this item

    • Prospan Sugar Free Cough Syrup 100ml is a herbal medication designed to relieve sore throat, cough, and phlegm in adults and children over two years old.

    • This cough syrup is suitable for both dry and chesty coughs. A chesty cough produces thick mucus, while a dry cough produces no mucus.

    • Prospan's Pneumoactive formula liquifies mucous, relieves a cough and helps to breathe freely.

    • Non-drowsy, sugar-free formulation suitable for people of all ages

    • The syrup has a great tasting natural cherry flavor that is suitable for children from 2 years and old.

    Brand Prospan
    Item Form Cough
    Product Benefits Cough Relief
    Age Range (Description) Kid
    Specific Uses For Product Cough

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