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    Oriflame Wellness Omega 3 - ORIGINAL 60 capsules

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    Oriflame Wellness Omega 3 High quality natural fish oil containing Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA for beauty and health. Omega 3 fatty acids are believed to smooth skin and increase its moisture levels. Studies also show that Omega 3 supports brain function and cardiovascular health. 60capsules Oriflame Natural Cosmetics is a Swedish company that offers wide rage of high-quality beauty products combining the wisdom of nature with the best of science in 61 countries of the world. Oriflame respects nature and strives to use natural ingredients derived from fruits, flowers and plants.Animal friendly products - no ingredients derived from dead animals, or sourced while causing harm to animals, are used. Only animal by-products such as milk, honey, lanolin and beeswax, which are sourced without causing suffering or harm to animals, are used. Oriflame products and ingredients have never been tested on animals. We are official reseller of Oriflame products registered in the EU.

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