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Lapulita Body Acne Removing Shower Gel (Pack of 6)

Lapulita Body Acne Removing Shower Gel (Pack of 6)

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This acne-fighting shower gel is on a quest to banish blemishes and restore skin confidence. Its clarifying formula with salicylic acid tackles existing breakouts and helps prevent future flare-ups, while soothing aloe vera calms angry skin. Lather up, rinse off, and watch as those little red villains wash away down the drain. With regular use, Lapulita helps turn the tide in the battle for smooth, clear skin. Because when it comes to acne, the only option is total annihilation. No white flags allowed. Consider this your secret weapon for victory over vanquished zits. The war may be long, but with reinforcements like these, you’ll be winning more battles than you lose.

  • Targets body acne-pimples
  • All-Natural, Paraben-Free formula
  • Creates a protective wall against acne
  • Suitable and safe for all skin types
  • Removes acne and fixes acne marks
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