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    La Roche Posay Anthelios Dermo Pediatrics SPF 50+ Baby Sunscreen 50 ml

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    Suitable for sensitive and atopy-prone baby skin.
    It is used for face and body.
    Suitable for babies aged 3-36 months who are not exposed to direct sunlight.
    Provides optimal SPF 50 sun protection with patented filtration system against UVB and UVA rays.
    Its formula, developed in accordance with the baby's skin, consists of carefully selected ingredients in the right quantities.
    Its formula enriched with naturally obtained Shea butter moisturizes the skin.
    It has a soft and velvety texture.
    It is hypoallergenic.
    It has been tested under dermatological and pediatric control.


    Keep babies and children away from direct sunlight.
    Make sure that babies and children wear hats, t-shirts and glasses.
    Exposure to direct sunlight is dangerous.
    Even if you use sunscreen, do not stay in the sun for too long, as it will not provide 100% protection.
    Apply the sunscreen product to the exposed areas of your baby before going out in the sun.
    Repeat the use frequently and gently.
    Do not apply it around the eyes.
    In case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of water.
    Do not touch your clothes.

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