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    Glister Advanced Toothbrush (4 Brushes)

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    Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is essential for a healthy, beautiful smile. With the Glister Advanced Toothbrush, you can maintain superior oral hygiene with a minimal amount of effort. This pack of four toothbrushes provides an advanced clean to keep your mouth in top condition. The soft bristles will protect your gums while thoroughly cleaning your teeth. Trust your oral health care to the Glister Advanced Toothbrush and keep your pearly whites shining.

    About this item

    • 4 Toothbrushes in box
    • Effective plaque removal, safe for teeth and gums.
    • Soft and medium bristles help remove plaque even between teeth, and gently massage gums.
    • Flexible neck eases pressure on teeth and gums. Reach hard-to-brush areas with tapered head.

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