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    Dermoskin N-Balsam 10gr

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    Get ready to give your skin and nails the royal treatment with Dermoskin N-Balsam. Transform your nails overnight with this powerful and luxurious cream. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps restore the health of your nails and cuticles and softens dry, cracked skin. Feel pampered as you experience the light and airy texture that absorbs quickly, leaving behind a pleasant scent. With Dermoskin N-Balsam, you can look forward to beautiful nails that are smooth to the touch and radiantly healthy.


    In order to get the highest effect from the product, it should be applied on bare nails (without nail polish, without gloss). Since the structure of the product is viscous and hard, the lentil-sized cream is left on the nail by pressing hard from the part of the tube close to the cap. It is absorbed by massaging with the fingertip.

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