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    Chitofix Toenail Fungus Treatment Extra Strength Cream with Chitosan, Athletes Foot Treatment, Nail Fungus Treatment for Toenail and Fingernail, Yellow Toenail Treatment 0.33 Fl Oz

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    • Moisturizes brittle nails and helps reduce discoloration and thickness to improve the appearance of damaged nails.
    • Chitofix nail repair cream softens your feet, protects and strengthens the nails, and helps to eliminate the formations called athlete's foot.
    • Thanks to the formula it contains, it is very functional as a nail whitener for yellow nails and dark nails, and it is nourishing for the nails.
    • It is non-irritating, painless and has no side effects. It gives shine to the nails, helps smooth and revitalize and strengthens them.
    • Chitofix nail fungus treatment for fingernails and toenails is easily applied to the nails thanks to its cream form and does not leave a dirty feeling.

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