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    Avon Advance Techniques Nourishing Hair Serum with Argan Oil 30 ml Set of Three

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    Revive Your Hair with Avon Advance Techniques Nourishing Hair Serum Set

    Experience the nourishing power of Argan oil with the Avon Advance Techniques Nourishing Hair Serum. This set of three 30 ml bottles ensures that your hair stays silky soft and moisturized, giving it the strength it needs to shine.

    • Concentrated formula with Argan oil for instant absorption
    • Moisturizes dry and damaged hair
    • Utilizes diamond-inspired technology to make hair up to 5 times stronger

    With its diamond-inspired technology, this serum not only nourishes but also strengthens your hair, making it up to 5 times stronger. Simply distribute the serum evenly on damp hair with your fingertips and style as desired for revitalized, beautiful hair.

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