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    Avene Cold Cream 40 ml

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    Winter can be tough on your skin, and Avene’s Cold Cream is designed to help keep your face hydrated and nourished all season long. Harsh winter weather can take a toll on your skin, causing dryness and loss of comfort. Avene's Cold Cream is specifically formulated with Avene Thermal Spring Water to provide deep, long-lasting hydration. Soften, soothe and protect your skin with Avene's Cold Cream. Add this easy to use cream to your skin care routine for a healthy, winter-proof complexion.

    Developed to moisturize and protect dry and very dry skin. Suitable for all age groups, children and adults. It nourishes and protects the skin, helps barrier structuring, reduces tension and soothes the skin. Contains a lot of vitamin A, which helps nourish the skin. It aims to prevent itching.



    Apply 2 times a day or as often as desired, massage into thoroughly cleansed skin.

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