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    Amway Glister Refresher Spray 6-Pack, Glister Mouth Freshener Spray (Mint)

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    Find freshness on-the-go with the Amway Glister Refresher Spray 6-Pack. This pack comes with 6 convenient travel-sized bottles of Glister Mouth Freshener Spray, with a mint flavor that’s sure to leave your mouth feeling refreshed. It’s perfect to keep in your pocket, backpack or handbag for the ultimate freshness whenever you need it. With the Amway Glister Refresher Spray 6-Pack, you’ll be able to stay fresh no matter where you are. Freshen up with Glister—the perfect mint refreshment.

    • Glister Sweetshot Mint gives instant confidence of fresh breath anytime, anywhere.
    • Glister Sweetshot Mint is a convenient pocket-size breath freshener that gives long-lasting freshness whenever and wherever you need it.
    • Its refreshing mint flavor ensures instant and long lasting feeling of fresh breath.
    • This easy to carry spray comes with a finger well that helps in finding the spray nozzle easily even in dark.
    • Whether it is onions in lunch or omelets in the breakfast, whatever you eat or drink, get the instant confidence to face the world with Glister.

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