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    Acqua Di Parma Arancia Di Capri Blu Mediterraneo Wrapped Soaps 100 grams - Set of 3

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    Treat your skin with the luxurious cleansing power of Acqua Di Parma Arancia Di Capri Blu Mediterraneo Wrapped Soaps. These beautifully crafted soaps are full of natural oils, with a sweet citrus scent that will enchant you. Keep your body clean and nourished with this set of 3 luxurious 100 gram soaps. Enjoy the Mediterranean feel of Acqua Di Parma with every bath or shower.

    • Set of 3, Acqua di Parma wrapped 100 gram soaps. Defined by the sophisticated notes of Blu Mediterraneo’s original and iconic fragrance: Arancia di Capri.
    • Lather up with luxurious bath soaps that leave the skin lightly scented with the notes of Arancia di Capri. The fragrance combines the essential oils of orange, mandarin and lemon with petitgrain, cardamom, caramel and musk.
    • Infused with coconut oil and fatty acids for light, effective moisturization.
    • Authentic Italian craftmanship masterpieces, characterized by the exclusivity of limited productions, natural ingredients, delicate production processes and the care of products and handmade packaging.
    • ARANCIA DI CAPRI - Dive into the warmth and beauty of Capri with the relaxing notes of its signature orange evoking the magical colors and atmosphere of the island. The sunny citrus fruit is emblematic of the island's irresistible mix of culture, history and natural beauty.

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