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    Gloveadhesive New 120ml Goalkeeper Glove Spray % 30 Stronger Formula

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    Keep a strong grip on the game with Gloveadhesive's Goalkeeper Glove Spray. This 120ml spray is 30% stronger compared to regular formula and helps to give you better control of the ball. This spray helps to improve friction and tackiness of gloves, while at the same time, protecting them from dirt, water, and oil. It leaves behind a layer that can be easily wiped-off so you will have no adhesive residue when removing your gloves. For a trusty grip and maximum protection, get yourself Gloveadhesive's Goalkeeper Glove Spray.

    Glove MegaGrip Goalkeeper, Enhances grip and performance Works in wet and dry conditions Helps your gloves last longer Suitable for all goalkeeping gloves

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