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    Glove Glu Goalkeeper Formula - 120ml Bottle

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    Every goalkeeper needs a reliable glove that’s easy to grip and won’t slip. Look no further than Glove Glu’s Goalkeeper Formula for the ultimate grip formula for a secure fit. Ideal for artificial or wet pitch conditions, this 120ml bottle of Glove Glu is quick-drying and non-greasy. It helps your gloves last longer and also helps keep them from slipping. Get the best grip in any weather with Glove Glu’s Goalkeeper Formula. Enjoy improved control, superior fit and a sure grip every time.

    About this item

    • 120ml bottle of Glove Glu for goalkeepers
    • Enhances grip and performance
    • Works in wet and dry conditions
    • Helps your gloves last longer
    • Suitable for all goalkeeping gloves

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