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    Bioxcin Forte Serum 3x50ml

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    Experience beautiful, healthier looking hair with Bioxcin Forte Serum. Formulated with natural ingredients, this serum works to reduce the rate of hair loss, promoting thicker manes that are full of vitality. Along with targeting hair loss, it can also provide intense nourishment to help revive and revitalize your scalp health. With its lightweight texture, this serum absorbs quickly and won't leave behind a greasy residue. So give your locks some love with Bioxcin Forte Serum - your hairdressing companion.

    Herbal Serum Against Intense Hair Loss

    Bioxcin Forte Serum 3x30ml Serum for Intense Hair Loss Against intense hair loss, it helps to strengthen weak hair follicles and make them healthier. It helps to thicken and revitalize the hair strands and give volume and resistance to the hair.


    15-20 drops can be applied to the area in need and around it every night. To increase its effectiveness, it can be used twice a day, optionally in the morning and evening.

    Product Content:

    biocomplex b11 (urtica urens leaf extract, urtica dioica root extract, chamomilla recutita flower extract, achillea millefóli-u extract, ceratonia siliqua fruit extract, equisetum arvense leaf extract), panthenol, sodioti hydroxymetlla glycinate propylene glycol, polysorbate 20, menthol, mel, vitis vinifera seed extract, peg-35 castor oil, alcohol, aesculus hippocastanum seed extract, niacinamide, pyridoxine hcl, cyanoco biotabalamin, tocopherol, olea europaea leaf extract, ficus carica leaf extract, retinyl palmitate, inositol, calcium pantothenate, linoleic acid, lecithin

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