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    Bioxcin Biotin 5000ug 60 Tablets and Biotin Shampoo Set

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    Get your daily dose of vitamins and nourishment with Bioxcin's Biotin 5000ug 60 Tablets & Biotin Shampoo Set! This set comes with a combination of essential Multi Vitamins, which are specially formulated with 5000ug of biotin for an added boost of essential nutritional care for your hair, nails and skin. You get a bottle of tablets as well as a tube of shampoo that help provide hydration, nourish and rejuvenate your hair from the roots to the tips while also promoting healthier looking skin. With this set, you can look good and feel great!


    Dietary Supplement Containing Biotin and Zinc - Biotin Shampoo Set


    Bioxcin Biotin 5000ug 60 Tablets

    5000mcg Biotin + 15mg Zinc Containing Supplemental Food

    in 1 tablet:

    Biotin 5000mcg

    Zinc (Sulfate) 15mg

    Usage :

    It is recommended to use 1 tablet daily with plenty of water as a dietary supplement for adults.

    Bioxcin Biotin 5000ug Shampoo 300ml

    Healthy Hair and Scalp Daily Shampoo

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